Drop-in Meditation Sessions


 Come to our Sessions Every  Saturday 11.00- 12.30 


Any questions

Nick at  nick.tobias@hotmail.com  text to 07983 578002

Colin at   text to 07942 709 347 or text to 07983 578 002


 Classes are structured and fun, beneficial for the beginner and the advanced. 

Realising your true self is what meditation is and is an ancient knowledge. These guided meditations with simple techniques will really work! They cover everything  from de-stressing to exploring a true spiritual path.

Free Admission (donations to help for room hire are welcome!).

We don’t believe you can pay for meditation and we really want to share our years of experience with you (donations to help for room hire are welcome!)

Get the most benefit by coming each week.

Haven Youth Cafehaven
Dance Studio
23, Castlehaven Road Camden,
map here





One of our Classes… Bring comfortable clothes and you can either sit on the floor, mats or on chairs .



These sessions have been inspired from years of personal experience: the teachings of Sahaja Yoga and Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi,

This is a Pdf Handout with Notes from the Sessions and helpful techniques –  click to download

PDF Handout for Meditation

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